A Meme

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It's a Meme!

I was tagged by precious roy, and I just realized that when I posted this two weeks ago, I only posted to draft, but now it's posted for real, obviously you're reading it. I was wondering why the four I tagged hadn't posted anything about it.

Four Jobs I've had in my life:

  • Rabbit Barn Attendant at the fair (as a prank, we bought popcorn chicken from KFC, and gave it away as fried rabbit. It was pretty funny watching people's responses. Everything from "That's aweful" to "hmm, tastes like chicken")

  • Making Pizza, Subs, and Mexican Food at Hot Stuff Pizza, Smash Hit Subs, and Eddie Peppers. Yes that is one job.

  • Computer Programmer in the Air Force

  • Computer Programmer at Missoula County

Four Movies I can watch over and over:Four Places I have lived:

  • Missoula, MT

  • San Antonio, TX (6 weeks for basic training)

  • Biloxi, MS (3 months for tech school)

  • Montgomery, AL (3.5 years permanent duty station)

Four TV shows I love to watch:Four Places I have Been on Vacation:

  • Cuauhtemoc, Mexico

  • Moscow, Russian (on a mission)

  • Miami, FL

  • Blue Bay on Flathead Lake, MT

Four Websites I visit Daily:Four of my Favourite Foods:

  • Quesadillas, especially in Mexico

  • Fish Tacos

  • Asiago Bagel from Bagels on Broadway

  • Sushi

Four Places I would rather be right now:

  • Snowbowl

  • Lost Trail

  • Home

  • Mexico

Four bloggers I am tagging:
The other day Shannon wanted to get one of those water filters for your kitchen sink, but as usual I expanded on the idea and decided to get a whole-house filter. I've heard that the chlorine in the city water dries your skin and hair out in the shower. I don't know if that is just marketing from the filter companies, but I bought it.

While I was at Lowe's, I asked the guy in the plumbing department what he thought about whole-house filters. I told him that it seemed like a good idea, but I thought it was a waste to flush my toilet with filtered water. He told me that toilet flushing generally isn't a large part of your daily water consuption. He said that the average person uses 300 gallons of water a day. Wow, and the toilet only takes 1.6 gallons per flush.

I had to rent some PEX crimpers to install it, and once I got it in I remembered that I hate plumbing. It leaks. So I'll have to re-do it one of these days. In the meantime I put a bucket under it. It's only about a drip a minute.

In other news, I've been working hard on the Chi Alpha website. I want to make it so that Bible study leaders can upload the studies and stuff like that, and then I think it will be ready for launch. The U of M doesn't support ASP.NET 2.0 right now, so I may look into hosting it somewhere else (besides my house) until they do.

I'm sitting in the coffee shop in Walmart right now, listening to the radio snow report. It sounds like there has been quite a bit of snow in the mountains. That's good. I'm hoping to go to Big Sky in a couple weeks.

That's all for now. Have a great day.
Hey, so I know it has been a while since I wrote up a "real" post. Let's catch up.

School got out! Yeah, I passed both my classes, Russian 201 and Russian Literature. I got a B in Russian Lit, but I guess that's what happens when you turn in all your papers late, except one which never got handed in. I probably had time to do it; I just never got around to it. Oh well. It's over, and I'm glad.

Christmas was good. I am always glad to spend time with my family, and get a fruitcake from my mom. She told me I was a scrooge because I didn't go to the hassle of setting up a Christmas tree. Of course, she was just kidding, but my decorations consisted of taking the coil of rope lights to the porch, but never hanging them or turning them on. In fact, I just sent out the last two Christmas cards today. That's what happens when school gives you an excuse for procrastination.

One of my favorite writers is C.S. Lewis. You should check him out; he's that guy who wrote "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." Every Christmas, I like to read a couple of essays that he wrote in the collection "God in the Dock." They are titled "Xmas and Christmas" and "What Christmas Means to Me." You can use the search inside feature at Amazon to preview the essays (i.e. read the full text). You should get the book. You won't be disappointed.

Our (mine and Shannon's) New Year's Eve was pretty uneventful. We did get new (to us) furniture and Rocky helped me move it. Thanks! Shannon's coworker, who we were buying the sofa and love seat from, had left a message for us. Since she wasn't feeling well enough to come to town she just left us a key and told us to take the furniture out the window. Well, I kind of forgot about the whole window thing, and Rocky and I did a good job banging up the freshly painted doorways. After our fair share of frustration, I saw and remembered the window. The couch went out it so easy. Oh, I just forgot, Rocky told me that it's a sofa, not a couch. He used to work at his dad's furniture store and they're more precise about such things. I guess I could get used to the phrase "sofa potato." Tired out from all that excitement, we waited until 12:00 said "Happy New Year," and went to bed. We did think about going to First Night to see Peter's dad play in his Latin Jazz band, but we didn't feel like shelling out thirty bucks for tickets.

Then on the first, I drove over to Bozeman to see my sister Renee. I got to see her new apartment, and we went snowboarding at Bridger the next day. It was great. Her friend Claire came along, or rather I came along with them. We did end up going home a little early because Renee hit her head kind of hard.

Then earlier this week, I hung up some new blinds in the living room, because the old curtains clashed with the new furniture. They will go to the dining room. Exciting, eh?

Now, I am working on the new Chi Alpha website. You can check it out on my personal computer turned web server here. No guarantees on how long that link will stay active. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

One last thing, I wanted to dispel a common myth that Xmas is "taking the Christ out of Christmas." This isn't quite true. X or chi stands for Christ or more so the Greek "Χριστός". So just like XA is short for Chi Alpha which are the Greek letters abbreviating "Christ's Ambassadors", Xmas is short for Christmas. I suppose you could say Chi-mas (sounds like kie-mas) to be all Greek and stuff.
If you are the first one to guess what this is, I'll mail you one.