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If I ever left Blogger, and didn't roll my own site, Vox is where I'd go.

At least right now.

The last couple of days I've stopped by Edge of the World (the local skate shop) and practiced on their ramp. It's nice because it doesn't seem like many people use it. It was empty yesterday, and the day before just one other guy was skating there.

I've been making some progress at skating. I still can't ollie while moving, but I can do it if I put the wheels in an expansion crack in a sidewalk. I can now do 180 kickturns on the ramp (sometimes) and I've learned to pump so I can gain elevation up the ramp sides. I still can't "drop in," but I have tried. Last time I was at SHEC I did, and I banged me knee twice in a row. So I've instituted a new policy: whenever I try to drop in, I'll wear knee pads. Perhaps, I should wear some elbow pads too, because my right one is a little sore.

Anyway, here's a video. Rocky said that I should add some music to it, so I did. It's Plankeye, and they rock. Enjoy.
What is the world coming to when people break their word to Batman?

After the homecoming parade, Brad, Tyler and I went to find the Batmobile. We had heard that you could get you picture taken with the batmobile during the football game. What's that have to do with homecoming you say? Well, Batman brought Monte to the game in the batmobile - that's what.

We found the Batmobile, and not entirely unexpectedly Batman and Robin too. Brad paid $15 to sit in the batmobile and have his picture taken plus an extra $5 so I could take all the pictures I wanted of him in it.

After taking this photo, Batman handed me a flyer and asked if I could send him the picture. I told him "sure."

Later I emailed him a link to my Flickr photos of the batmobile, and to my surprise Batman emailed me back the next day with this:

Hey Lance,
Thanks alot for sending a link to the photos. I ask people all the time (for 20 years now) to send me pics they take of us and they never do!

Your the second person to ever send me pictures and I really appreaciate it!

Are they big enough on the link for me to print or have prints made? If not can you send me a cd with the full size images ? I'll pay for shipping etc.

Anyway your way cool for keeping your word!
Here is a pic for you of us.

Thanks again!!!!


Can you believe that! Only the second ever to send him photos?!

Well, in writing this I just remembered that I myself also lied to Batman, I'm ashamed to say. You see, I was taking photos of the car and he asked me not to take any more because they were charging for photos. I said, "Okay sorry," and put my camera away. Then after Brad decided to pay $15 to sit in the car and have his photo taken, I asked if I could take photos of my friend in the car. Batman said, "tell you what, for an extra $5 you can take all the photos you like." Then without thinking I just told him that I didn't have any cash, which was a flat out lie. I had $20 in my pocket, I just couldn't justify spending $5 to take some photos. Brad ended up paying the $5.

So I guess that is the state of things. We're all lousy sinners, but I'm sorry Batman.
Yesterday, I picked up Tyler after work, and we decided to grab something to eat before heading over to the Chi Alpha guys' house to paper mache the homecoming float.

We were going to go to Hoagieville (always a great choice), but we decided to try out one of Missoula's newer restaurants, El Diablo. Now, I've been skeptical of this place, because it's named "The Devil" and it seems like a rip-off of Taco del Sol - the best restaurant in the world, but I decided to try it anyway since I like to know my town.

Before we got there, I told Tyler that El Diablo meant The Devil in Spanish. He said it sounded spicy, and I replied that it sounded evil. Then he asked, "I wonder if it's good?" And I said, "Can it be good if it's evil?"

Their prices were comparable to Taco del Sol, $5.75 for a burrito or three tacos. You can also buy a single taco for $2.25. Taco del Sol charges $2 for a fish taco. I didn't try to order "The Lance" as it has become known (a fish taco in a burrito shell). You have to get to know a place, before you start asking for special things like that.

I was very happy with the food. I got a fish taco, a carne asada taco, and a pulled pork taco. All of them were excellent. Their lime and cilantro sauce is very tasty; however, I would not recommend it on the pulled pork. It doesn't go that well. The fish is grilled instead of battered and baked like Taco del Sol, and it was mahi mahi instead of cod. They are open until 9:00, but closed on Sunday.

It did end up being a little too spicy for Tyler, but that's the way I like - a little too spicy for Tyler.

I think I'll go back, but don't, for a minute, think that means I'm giving up Taco del Sol.
Well, I just read over on Techcrunch, that Audioblogger is going away. He says they will still be hosting the content, but I think I should back it up and move it somewhere else soon.

In memory of Audioblogger, here are my old audioblogs. Enjoy.

So I guess that 2005 was the year of audioblogs. Now, I need to get over to the Chi Alpha Blog and do the same. There are some good posts from overseas.
So if you've been following along, you'll know that I sent my broken camera off to Canon to be repaired, and they graciously fixed it for free. It's back now, and I'm happy.

This is the skateboard I bought with the money I "saved" from the camera repair. I decided to buy a helmet too, because really it will save money in the long run. I know it costs quite a bit to smash your head and go to the hospital. The helmet was only $35.

The downside is that you look funny sometimes. For instance, yesterday morning after I took this photo, I skated to Liquid Planet. The easiest way to carry the helmet was on my head and I just wore it into the store. Travis called me "helmet," and I told him that I was hyperactive and hypoglycemic.

Speaking of hyperactive...

One of my fellow students was talking to my teacher in her office the other day when she asked him, "have you ever been diagnosed with ADD?" He was a bit surprised that she would ask, but he told her that he was as a child. Then she said, "I'm not trained to deal with people like you."


He was speechless, and so was I hearing the story from him.

I suppose I don't mind being called a hyper-hypo so long as people don't really think I am.