This winter I've been trying to snowboard more. Last season I only went three times. That is just not acceptable. I told Shannon that I need to get out every weekend or more if I'm ever going to go pro.

I had lunch with John yesterday. The same John that told me about the stalefish. Did you know that Tony Hawk invented it? He's a skateboarder (I'm sure you know) but many skateboarding tricks transfer to snowboarding. Some are impossible though since your feet are strapped into the snowboard. Although some people are working on that. They call it noboarding, and they don't use bindings. But enough about that.

John and I were talking about skateboarding, and he said that many kids are all into going pro. They practice and practice with the hope of someday going pro, and while that might not be bad on the surface, John says that it spoils something about the sport. It's like they care more about going pro than skateboarding itself. I suppose I feel the same way about snowboarding, or it could just be that since I don't see myself ever going pro it makes me feel better saying that.

Anyway, last Saturday my cousin Kevin and I hiked into the back country at Lolo Pass. We found the perfect spot to build a kicker, and we hit it for several hours. Sick, as they say. Neither of us successfully landed a 360, but we sure tried. I'm sure we both will be able to after another session or two.

I'll keep on snowboarding just because I love it, but it's really one of those sports that you have to go with friends to enjoy. Going by yourself is only fun for an hour or two. So if anyone reading this is up to a day of snowboarding, let me know. I go just about every weekend.
My cat is way too fat. Here's my attempt to help him out a bit. We'll need to work on it though.