Wow, it has been a while, but I've resolved not to apologize for not bloggging enough. I was talking to Jennifer when we hiked the M yesterday. She was recently reading the blogs, and said that they were all different, but the one thing that everyone seems to have in common is feeling bad for not blogging enough. I've also been taught that when your speaking, you shouldn't apologize, and Scott tells me that it is a common problem in newsletters too. So here's the rule: don't apologize, just blog.

With that, here is a quick update of what I've been up to:

I'm out of school, you know, so I've had time to work on the yard. I finished building the retaining wall, now I just have to build an asymmetrical rock formation, plant a Japanese Maple, and some ground cover (I think I'll go with creeping thyme), and then this little area will be done. I've also nearly finished roofing the fence.

A couple of weekends ago, I went to Bozeman to check out the fireworks for Scott since he was still in Poland. It works out well, because my little sister Renee lives there. So we went shopping, ate sushi, arm wrestled robots, hiked to Palisade Falls, and then watched the fireworks.

Last weekend the fireworks were delivered, and there's quite a garage full.

Yesterday, I hiked the M with Scott, Clay, and Jennifer and her kids. It was the longest day of the year so we thought we'd watch the sunset from the M. I used a new photo technique that I read about on flickr called HDR (High Dynamic Range). These are some of the most interesting (and that's official).

Well, that's all for now.


Let's go get some tacos said...

agreed, never apologize for not being on the internet enough

XAgirl said...

So what's with roofing the fence? Is that for snow purposes?

lafalda said...

does that go for audioblogging too, heh heh, nervous laughter.

lance said...

roofing the fence - it's mostly to make it look cool, but it does help the fence last longer by keeping the rain off of it.

audioblogging - don't apologize, just audioblog. :)

Anonymous said...

maybe you dont know but cuchillo means knife, is not something good..