Surf was up, dude. I rented a board the other day, and took it out on the surf. It was fun, but man was I tired.

But now Rocky and I are in Mexico! Tijuana to be exact. ¡Hola! That is right I am bloging from out of the country. ¿Rocky, do you want to say anything?

Rocky says - ¿Um, what can I say? I am just happy we found our hotel, and figured out what the parking garage attendant wanted us to do. Um, I do not know. Maybe we can blog our breakfast tomorrow.

Well, that is all for now. Sorry about the lack of contractions. I cannot really find the apostrophe on this keyboard. It is in Spanish so I hope you can still read everything...

More later. I am out.


Rael said...

dude! How was your trip????

josephs2877 said...

you lucky dog! I hope the surfin was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun boys...just watch out for sharks eh?

Enjoy your holidays,

(Aussie) Paul