Sometimes I have a hard time telling people how beautiful Montana is. Missoula is nice, but if you really want to see Montana you have to get out in the backcountry. That's where the real wonders are. Driving through Glacier on Going to the Sun Highway is just scratching the surface. There is nothing like sitting out on a grassy plateau with no one else around, streams forming from melting glaciers, and mountain goats running around. You just can't put that into words.

Last spring my friend Peter introduced me to his roommate Steven Gnam. The first time we met, we talked about God, photography, and the Internet. For several hours. Steven told me how he just sort of started taking photos and found out that it was something God had really blessed him with a talent in. It's true. He takes some really stunning photos of the scenery here in Montana. His shots show what a thousand words can't describe. They show why I love it here.

I ended up working with Steven to build a website for his photography. It has taken some time to get online, and there are still a couple of rough edges, but for the most part it's ready. Head on over to Steven Gnam Photography and let me know what you think of the website and his photos.

Oh, and here's a bit of trivia. He shot the cover for Marshall McLean's newest CD, Heaven's Grey which you should also check out, since Marshall is seriously a great song writer and guitar player.


josephs2877 said...

Great site Lance! Very clean and crisp. I dig the fading photo script action. :) His photos are beautiful.

Jen said...

Hey Lance:

I couldn't see any photo's at all. Just the very last mountain pic and the pic of Mr. Gnam and his little bio comments.

The two colors of text and background are so close together I could barely make out the words.

It's possible that I am technology challenged and don't have up to date enough software to view properly. Any suggestions to improve my viewing pleasure?