I know that some of you come here first when you're looking for my photos, and that's cool. I keep them all on Flickr, which I highly recommend. It's super-simple to use for the most part. I copy them off my camera, then use the flickr uploader to send them up to flickr. In the uploader, I can tag all the photos with keywords like "Colin", "Shannon", and "Masaharu Morimoto" (my cat). I never have to worry about losing them due to a hard drive crash, or my house burning down. I mark some of them private (only I can see), and some I mark for only friends and family to see. Some of my relatives have requested to not be shown on the Internet, and I respect that. So to get the most from my Flickr photos, you should sign up and become my "friend"!

I just added a little search box on the side of this blog that allows you to search my photos. I know it was kind of hard for some of you to figure it out in Flickr, so now it should be that much easier to find photos of Colin and the cat :)


Dayne said...

Hey Lance,

I was just looking through your flickr photostream and noticed that you built a sphere using paper mache and chickenwire. I'm currently working on doing the same thing, and we're wondering - did you have to paper mache the top, then flip it over and do the other side? Or did it stick to the whole thing at once?


lance said...

Hey Dayne,

That was a few years ago. Here's the final result: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lancefisher/271530950/

If I remember right, I don't think we had to flip it to paper mache the bottom, but we didn't go all the way down on the bottom either.

Good luck, let me know how it turns out for you.