Well, I thought I'd get in a quick blog entry before I left for Mexico. I am going to the CLC (Christian Life Center) at 6:30 to watch the Passion Play. It should be really cool, as it is every year. Afterwards, we are having free pizza with the international students. Then, about two hours after that we are hitting the road. We're planning on leaving at 12:01 Saturday morning. We want an early start on the day, and we didn't buy insurance for today. Thanks for all your prayers and support. We raised $177 from the pancake breakfast, about $550 from the Knoch postcard fundraiser (Zach's brilliant idea last year), and then somewhere around $180 from the offering on Thursday night. So no one is worrying about not being able to go, and I think we are going to be able to give the orphanage about $1500!

We hope to get to St. George, Utah by early evening tomorrow, then to Tijuana by mid evening on Sunday. Monday we'll start painting! So pray for us. Today is going to be pretty long.