I had a wonderful lunch today of corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, shepard's pie, and a Guiness. I met with my mom, granny, and aunt at Sean Kelley's for the annual St. Patrick's day buffet, and got to hear some good stories about my mom and aunt's high school adventures. My aunt said her daughter asked her, "Mom were you a delinquent?" Na, they just had a lot of "fun" back in high-school.

Here's a funny excerpt from the afternoon:

Aunt T: What ya doing over there mum?
Granny: Why won't this knife cut? (one of those plastic things)
Me: Ah, it looks like you're trying to cut with the handle there.
Granny: Oh geez!
Mom: I'm cutting you off. (grabbing her wee glass of beer)

It was a great lunch. I don't see my family near enough.