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My dad will be here in 32 to 62 minutes to pick me up to go hunting. Every year since I was twelve, we've gone up to my uncle's house in Shelby, and he takes us out hunting. He knows several ranchers from his accounting practice, and they let us hunt on their land. It is really beautiful up there - quite different from Western Montana, but beautiful in its own right.

I missed four years of hunting while I was in the Air Force, and now my sister and brother are missing some hunting. Usually we all go, but Ted is in Wisconsin, and Renee is too busy with school in Bozeman. So it is just my dad, his brother, his brother-in-law, and me.

Our usual way of hunting is not like the lazy road hunting you may have heard about. We get out and hike. Up to ten miles in a day. We start very early. We'll shoot a deer, clean it out, mark its location in the GPS, maybe leave a little flashing light, and continue on to the next. Then in the evening, when we can't shoot anymore, we'll go back and drag out the ones we shot. We've gotten up to seven in a day using this method.

This year I rigged up a harness from some webbing to wear for pulling them out. I also packed my old Advantix camera, so hopefully I'll have some photos to post. I just need to buy some film for it.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll most likely be disconnected until Wednesday. Poka.


Matt said...

have fun.

** said...

have an amazing time. keep us city dwellers in your thoughts as you are blessed by God's beauty.

ps- krysty thinks its possibly a krystykay monster. hmmm. maybe sub-consciously. maybe you guys are more ingrained in my head than even i thought.

much love brother.

ed said...


Last night I dreamed that you came back from your hunting trip and posted about it on your blog. You posted a picture of a garage full of naked hanging deer and wrote something like "25 deer each. Not too bad". I was (and continue to be) very disturbed.

lance said...

Sorry for the disturbing image, ed. Actually the next day the garage was quite full. We had 9 deer in there. Other years it has been even fuller. I took a photo of the 9, but I haven't developed the roll yet. There are still several photos left on it.