Hey, I realize it's been a little while, so here's an update for the weekend. Friday I spent the evening over at the Chi Alpha Guys' house helping build the float for the homecoming parade on Saturday. It turned out really great. We took my old convertible horse trailer, and converted it into a pirate ship. Zach built a platform on top of it which served as a deck. It was raised up enough to provide sitting space in the below deck area and windows out on each side. We installed a trap door to get down there. On the front of the ship we screwed on a plank for people to walk. It went out of the ship and over the back of the truck pulling it. In the bed of the truck we laid down a mattress for a soft landing. When Zach or I would walk the plank during the parade, Peter, dressed as a shark, would attack us upon falling into the truck. The crowds loved it.

Saturday night, Shannon and I went to Serenity which Orson Scott Card has called the best sci-fi movie, ever. I really enjoyed it, and so did Shannon. It is pretty surprising that it is only being shown at the Village 6, and the theater was only about a quarter full. There hasn't been much hype for it, but there has been a lot of buzz on the geek side of the net.

I hear it is snowing in Bozeman where my sister lives. I bet we'll see snow here in Missoula soon too. Actually we can already see it in the mountains. I hope it will be a good snowboard season this year.


zeliphias said...

nice to see you back.

** said...

hey lance. hope your well. i've been trying to keep in contact with some of the other sweet misoula citizens lately, but you got left out. sorry.

after my whole "burn him" post, i guess i was reactionary to anyone who wasn't gung ho to be on my side (in my own thought process) of the situation. im sorry.

so with that, thank you as well for the encouragement the other day on my art. between yourself and your friend jess, my attitude was changed.

thank you so much for your friendship and your brotherly love. hope to talk to you soon.

much love,


** said...

ddr rocks. yeah. we can beat the beginner level, but thats about it. haha. once we get above that we start having feet seizures on the dance pads.

about serenity, i kept thinking, while watching, that the guy who played the tough guy on the ship looked liked the pictures i had seen of you. i imagine your not as rude as he is.

hope your well brother