I could complain, but it wouldn't do any good. Sometimes you just feel like it though.

As I already mentioned, Shannon and I got a new car. I really like it. It’s a 2003 Ford Focus ZTS, and it’s blue. Yesterday was our sixth anniversary, so we drove to Coeur d’Alene. I surprised her by taking her to one of her favorite restaurants, The Olive Garden. I’ve heard of others driving all the way to Spokane or Coeur d’Alene for dinner; I got the idea from talking to Rocky the other day. We had a great time. Getting there was half the fun.

It's the drive back that was not so fun. About ninety miles from Missoula, I hit an ice chunk that was sitting in the middle of the road. I was going about 70 mph and it was dark, so I didn’t have time to swerve completely out of the way. I ran over it with the tire. So I ended up changing a flat out in the cold. These things happen.

The real annoyance happened when I took the car to the tire shop to get fixed today. I didn’t even notice as I was changing the flat out in the dark, but that chunk of ice had taken a chunk out of my wheel. So now I’m looking at needing a new wheel, a new tire, an alignment, and hopefully that’s all. Luckily, I already got insurance for it. Luckily, I opted for the $250 deductible. Apparently, the wheel alone is more than that. Unfortunately, the shop can’t start repairs until the claim adjuster returns the estimate, which can take up to 72 hours, and when they do they’ll have to order a wheel because they don’t have one in stock. Arrgh, I don’t have the time to mess with all this. I’m not getting my homework done as it is, and there goes my digital camera.

Sometimes life can feel like camping trip in the snow. You’re cold, miserable, and sometimes feel like complaining, but you know that it just won’t do any good. So you put up the tent, build a bonfire, and eat some hot Mountain House that warms you from the inside out. I’m not quite sure of all the implications of that simile, I’m just remembering my last hike, but really things aren’t too bad. I can’t complain.


lafalda said...

i'm so sorry to hear that. i hope God does something cool through all this. i'm trying to learn to look for these things. ask Him not to waste this inconvenience/expense/annoyance. easy for me to say, i know, but there are several things in my life right now i'm praying the same for:)

Let's go get some tacos said...

oh man, well...at least it wasn't more serious than that. at least you didn't wreck the whole car! :D

** said...

hey lance! sorry i've been out of touch. i hope you and your wife are well.

i also may send you an email. hope you'll get it (on your work address).

much love. justin.

** said...

Lance! Hope you're doing well. I've been getting an earfull by way of candice, about some of you adventures (aka, sitting behind the McDonalds sign, and getting kicked out of a store for "supposedly" spying, with your video camera). Wow! Great stuff! Now, you need to make a short film!

Hate to hear about the tire trouble. Looks like it really took a beating.

About Beck, I guess I haven't really been a fan as of recent. But I am downloading alot of his stuff now. I ran out of cd-r's, so i'm stuck with just listening to the songs on the computer. I also donwloaded some of the videos... unfort, they didnt play very well. Have you heard any of the remixes/variations? like the "Hell Yes" one called "Ghettochip Malfunction" or an interesting "Scarecrow" remix called the "el-p remix".

well, ll let you go on that.... much love brother.

candice tunes said...

hey bro-in-law...sorry to hear about the car, shan sounded pretty bummed on the phone..=( sucks. Hope you guys get it fixed soon, glad it wasnt any worse than it was!....sure miss you guys and hope to see you soon...have a great christmas...or hanukkah (for me=))....love ya little brother!! candice

Prizrak said...

Beck is a scientologist after he married the sister of Giovani Rabicci, who's big into scientology. I find scientologists to be just a tad... nuts? I mean, what's with the navy uniforms, hatred of psychiatry, dismissal of all other belief system, extreme vengefulness, belief in someone called Intergalactic Overlord Xenu and most of all, charging people a lot of $ to learn about their "religion"? Weird...