Well, I haven't posted in a while. Here's what has been going on:

  • School Started I'm taking Russian 202 (Language class) and Russian 306 (Russian Literature in English and Rocky is in my class!)

  • Chi Alpha started for the semester.

  • I went snowboarding with Renee (my wonderful little sister) at Bridger.

  • I went snowboarding with Ryan at Lost Trail.

I just got back yesterday from a two-day training course in Helena. It was excruciatingly boring, and really not useful, but Helena is cool. Downtown Helena is really cool. They have a street that has been converted into a pedestrian-only walk with sculptures and nice landscaping. All along it are little shops, and as I discovered, a Taco del Sol. So never fear, when you are in Helena you can still get a fish taco in a burrito shell, although it will cost you 15 cents more than in Missoula.

Oh, and here is a tip for when you are in Helena: never get a fountain pop or anything else made with the local water. It is terrible - like drinking from the swimming pool.

And here's a funny little story: while Pavel and I were out buying some bottled water late at night, we ran into a group of Russians at Albertson's. We got in line behind them at the checkout, and then one guy with a long beard who I wouldn't have guessed was Russian turned to us and said in perfect local English, "Oh we're not in line. This register is closed, you'll have to go to that one." Then he went back to talking in Russian with the others in what Pavel said was perfect Russian. Like I think I've said before, my teacher says I have a knack for running into Russians. Funny.


Let's go get some tacos said...

another taco del sol
oh i miss that place!