Yesterday, Peter and I went snowboarding at Silver Mountain. He's the one with the French fries for eyebrows. Silver Mountain is a pretty nice resort and it's about a two hour drive from Missoula, like most resorts besides Snowbowl. However, there is a convient time change on the way which saves you an hour on the way over which means you can get an extra hour of sleep which rocks. Megan the Red was going to come too, but wasn't able to afterall.

Even though Silver Mountain hadn't got much new snow, we still found nice snow in the trees and the groomed runs were nice. My brother likes Silver Mountain, because they groom black diamonds. That could have led to the two injuries we saw while we were there. One guy they loaded in a sled onto the chairlift, the helicopter came for the other. Since the only way up to the resort in the winter is by gondola (the longest single-stage gondola in the world, I hear) I bet there are a lot of helicopter rescues. I've been on it once, though as a passenger. It was my brother who needed to be lifted to the hospital. Yes, the brother who likes the fact there are groomed black diamonds, that is why we got a ride on the helicopter.

One the way back, Peter and I stopped at the famous 10,000 Silver Dollar Bar. It's mostly a big, cheesy souviner shop. Riley says he likes it for the big, cheap knives, but Peter and I found some sweet trucker hats. I'm going to wear that one every time I leave the state.

Thing to know about Silver Mountain:
In the terrian park and elsewhere, inverted ariels are allowed, just not reccomended. Most resorts will take away your lift ticket.

Unlike Snowbowl where there have already been eight rescues this season, if you ski out of bounds at Silver and need to be rescued, you are responsible for the cost. Bummer dude.


matt said...

ya know, i've never been skiing or snowboarding before.

lafalda said...

you'll even have to wear that trucker hat to mexico since you sold your cowboy hat, even though dan would probably argue that it's not nearly as raw-dog.

lance said...

Oh, I still have my raw-dawg cowboy hat. I just sold the fancy sombrero I never wear, but you can be sure I will be wearing that hat ever time I leave the state including going to Mexico and I hope we do go.

Let's go get some tacos said...

yea the 1000000000 dollar bar is always good for a few laughs