April 26th was the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Twenty years ago in Ukraine the plant suffered a nuclear meltdown. Some have described the glowing sight of the explosion as beautiful while others could feel the radiation burning their skin. Forty seven workers died as a result of acute radiation syndrome, but no one knows how many have died and will die from radiation exposure.

The area and towns directly around the reactor have been abandoned, and many nearby towns still suffer the effects of elevated radiation. My friend's neice, who was born several years after the incident, died as a result of a heart condition which is now known as "Chernobyl Heart." There are many children who suffer ill health due to the accident and the radiation still present.

There is an interesting story about a girl who rides her motorcycle through the ghost towns. Apparently, it is not all true, but the photos are still haunting, and it is worth the read.


Beth said...

There's a really cool (well, disturbingly cool) show about what has happened in the last hour before past disasters. One of the episodes that I saw was on Chernobyl. It was terrifying to watch, but really interesting, too. Chernobyl Show