Yesterday, I helped a little bit with the Chi Alpha missions garage sale. Every year we hold one of these to help send students to Slovakia on a summer mission. This year we seemed to have quite a bit of donations. People donate stuff, we sell it, and the money goes to the mission.

Part of the fun is an all-night setup party. I didn't stay for all of it. I just dropped off my truckload of stuff from me and my parents, ate some pizza, and left. Another part of the fun is taking pictures with some of the more silly items for sale.

In other news, I'm sick of school for this semester. I ran out of steam about a week ago when the weather got nice. I just have to force myself to write the final paper for Russian Lit and I'll have the big thing out of the way. I'm going to compare Anna Karenina and Crime and Punishment. Particularly, Part Eight of Anna Karenina and the Epilogue of Crime and Punishment. These are the two best novels I have ever read. If you have a lot of extra time, read them.

In still other news, I'm sick. It figures since I have recently been saying that my extra sleep has kept me healthy. I got a sore throat, and now it has turned into a stuffed up nose too. Theraflu is incredibly expensive right now. It was over $8 to get six packets. Maybe it has something to do with the bird flu worries.

Well, I'm back to thinking about that paper.


Andrew Hanson said...

Hey man, how's it goin' eh. Long time since I've visited you little home on the web.

I hope your paper came out okay. You should post it to you blog. Crime and Punishment is one of my all time favorite novels and I enjoyed Anna Karenina as well. I'd be interested in what you've got to say.


El Padrino said...

that is a sweet pic Lance! Thanks for having a fun post to read instead of working on this dumb paper......1 page down 7 to go.....