If you keep up with the Chi Alpha Blog at all, you probaly have read about my trip to Plains already. I love Plains, I love the church there, and I love logging and cutting firewood with them. Only one bad thing resulted from this trip; my camera broke.

I didn't drop it or cut it with a chainsaw or anything dramatic like that. It was working just before I left, but when I got home I discovered that the LCD (that stands for liquid crystal display you know) had shattered. Recently, I read an article on lifehacker about asking for replacements for broken things, and how it is especially helpful if you send the company a nice written letter with your broken item.

First, I called the warranty center. After getting all the info, Rita told me the average cost was $100 to have the LCD fixed. I told her that I was hoping to have it repaired for free under warranty, and she told me that it would be up to the repair center. So I sent them a letter with my broken camera.

The other day I got an email addressed to "LANCE" which told me that they were going to fix it for free. Man, I love Canon.

In other news, I've been skateboarding a lot recently. I have wanted to learn for a while, but seeing Tony Hawk skate really got me excited about it. Yesterday I skated about four miles or so. I also went over to the new skatepark a couple of mornings this week. Mornings are nice, there are hardly people and sometimes no one.

So with the $100 I "saved" on fixing my camera, I think I'll buy a skateboard.


Anonymous said...

Lance, your awesome!
It's a pleasure to read your blog... Although I'm not going to apologize for not reading your blog so much. I would rather focus on less general thoughts, such as: updating some files on My server. I haven't even dug-in to see what's going on. I found it very entertaining, like this recent blog.

Props Lance!

lance said...

Hey Tyler, I could just tell you what I did, or I could let you figure it out. It's your choice. Just know that I didn't change any files on your server that you don't let me change. Oh, and it's really easy to fix. Anyone can fix it.

lafalda said...

i had a friend who broke his skateboard in half very soon after buying it so he wrote the company and asked for a free one, stating that he didn't have a rich mommy to buy him a new one. the company wrote back, "we'll play mommy this time." and sent him a free board. man i love skateboarding...and canon too.