So if you've been following along, you'll know that I sent my broken camera off to Canon to be repaired, and they graciously fixed it for free. It's back now, and I'm happy.

This is the skateboard I bought with the money I "saved" from the camera repair. I decided to buy a helmet too, because really it will save money in the long run. I know it costs quite a bit to smash your head and go to the hospital. The helmet was only $35.

The downside is that you look funny sometimes. For instance, yesterday morning after I took this photo, I skated to Liquid Planet. The easiest way to carry the helmet was on my head and I just wore it into the store. Travis called me "helmet," and I told him that I was hyperactive and hypoglycemic.

Speaking of hyperactive...

One of my fellow students was talking to my teacher in her office the other day when she asked him, "have you ever been diagnosed with ADD?" He was a bit surprised that she would ask, but he told her that he was as a child. Then she said, "I'm not trained to deal with people like you."


He was speechless, and so was I hearing the story from him.

I suppose I don't mind being called a hyper-hypo so long as people don't really think I am.


jamey o. said...

Congratulations, Lance. That's the best photo of a skateboard and a helmet I've ever seen. Very impressive. Gee, sure wish I could post pictures. My blog is blaaaaahhhh. Ну, Ладно. Сейчас Я сижу на компьютере, ем фисташки, читаю что нового в Мизуле. А должна работать. Значет - Пака! Всего доброго! С Богом!

Let's go get some tacos said...

you think they make fun of tony hawk for wearing a helmet where he pleases?!?! no!