So I wasn't going to compete in the coding competition at VSLive, but this guy from Texas needed a partner. We took on the Swedes (in the chef hats) and another team that just met. We finished one problem, but didn't finish the next one we chose which turned out to be too ambitious. One hour is not much time. The Swedes finished several, and the other team found code online that scored them lots of points.

We got third place (of three teams). My partner and I each got a copy of Visual Studio 2005 Professional, which rocks. When Andrew, Pavel, and I left the Moscone Center we realized that we had not left the building for 14 hours. Long day.


Prizrak said...

Dude, they told you that you had an hour, but actually they changed the rules on you, maybe because they were running late and you ended up having only 40 minutes. That's what your "pardner" (from Texas) was complaining about.

Peeperz, it was really brave of Lance to jump on that stage and start programming in front of a thousand people. I could never do something like that. Show respek.

Matt said...

Wow. I wish i was that talented. Or brave.