I subscribe to a bunch of RSS feeds. Netvibes helps me manage it all. One of those feeds is Pro Blogger. He writes about blogging professionally. One day Darren Rowse wrote about twelve-year-old David Wilkinson in England who writes a blog on technology. That's when I started reading what was to become Techzi.net. I still read it. You'd be surprised at the quality. When I was twelve, I think I was playing basketball and video games, and having rock fights with my friends for fun.

Well, about a month a go Wicked Lasers sponsored him with a $300 green laser pointer to give away in a contest. As it turns out I won, and I'm ecstatic. You see, I really have wanted a green laser pointer since I learned about them on Think Geek, but I never could justify the cost. Now I don't have to. Sure, I could sell it on ebay or something, but that's not going to happen.

So what do you do with a $300 laser pointer that is not a toy? You can burn holes in black plastic bags, heal cuts, point out constellations, and maybe pop balloons. That's what they tell me anyway. I can't wait to find out for myself.

Be sure to head over to Techzi.net and tell David he is one cool kid.


David Wilkinson said...

I heard that you could light matches too... ;)

Thanks for the kind words Lance and congratulations again!

Max said...

Well done Lance!

nate said...

When you were talking about your laser I thought of this video I saw.