So what exactly is a palabrador and why do they call me Cuchillo? I suppose I am overdue for an explanation, to those who aren't "in the know." Well it all started way back when...

(A little more than a year ago, in Mexico)
Someone: Hey Lance what is your Spanish name?
Me: I don't know. They called me Lorenzo back in high school Spanish.
Someone: What would Lance be in Spanish?
Me: Let's go with Cuchillo, it means knife and sounds cool.
Someone: Okay Cuchillo, I hope it doesn't scare the orphans.

So that may not be exactly how it went down, but sometimes memories get a little mangled in my head, unless they're numbers or something like that. Anyway, so onto Los Palabradores.

(About a year ago, back in Montana)
Me (wondering to myself): You know self, Mexico was really cool, but don't you wish you spoke more Spanish.
Me: Yeah!
Me: Why don't you do something about it.
Me: Ok. You know I heard somewhere, maybe on a movie or something, about someone playing Scrabble when she immigrated to the U.S. in order to learn the language better. Why I don't I look at getting a Spanish Scrabble set.
Me: Good Idea! Check this out.
Me: Cool that's cheap! I'll take one!
(About a week less than a year ago)
Me: Hey guys want to play some Spanish Scrabble!
Jess, Dan, Rachael: What the heck? Sure!

So we played Spanish Scrabble as we had time, usually once a week. Then we discovered the best place to play in all of Missoula. Fiesta En Jalisco, the greatest Mexican Restaurant in town (across from K-mart on Brooks), actually here you go. It's the one on the south end of town. They have cool Mexican waiters and waitresses who love to speak Spanish with you, and give you tips on making words, not to mention the food is always great. So on with the story.

(Jess, Rachael, Lance playing some Spanish Scrabble at Fiesta En Jalisco. Dan wasn't there because he hates Spanish Scrabble.)
Jess: We need to come up with a name for our Spanish Scrabble club.
Rachael: How about (says something which I can't remember now)?
Others: (ahh, mumble)
Jess: Or what about (says something which I can't remember now)?
Others: (maybe)
Lance: Palabra something-or-other.
Lance: How about Los Palabradores!
Everyone: Yeah!

Okay, so I admit to making myself the hero of this story in my memory. I think we all do that a bit. We then went on to make t-shirts and other stuff on So there you go. I hope you've enjoyed story time with un palabrador. Oh yeah, and they played happily ever after.


** said...

hehe. how much did you know(spanish) before you started playing? and how well did it teach you?

i found the i hate spanish button and have toyed with ordering one.

much love brother,


ps- im still adding stuff. if you don't spend any money, i hope you at least enjoy looking.