Ever wonder what those people east of the Mississippi think of us Montanans? Zach from Chicago would always tell me, but I never really believed him until I read this article a friend sent him from the Chicago Tribune.

It starts off, "Two of Montanans' favorite recreational activities--smoking and drinking--took serious hits this month with lawmakers passing bills banning smoking in all public places and outlawing drinking while driving."

I also like, "Everyone wants to drink a beer when they're driving."

I bet you wouldn't see a couple of guys watching TV outside on lawnchairs drinking beer next to a campfire in their front yard outside the mobile home in the middle of town in Chicago though either. Yes, Jamey, Scott, and I saw just that last Friday when the weather was so beautiful.


lafalda said...

that is possibly the most beautiful image i've ever heard of. the fact that they were watching tv outside alone was good. but add the campfire and all the rest and it makes me really happy!

ed said...

I agree with lafalda! I'm glad there's still room for things like that in 'earthy'-oxygen bar Missoula. I think it's pretty funny that that article interview took place at Stockman's! I mean, of course they're gonna think we're all a bunch of good ol' boys and girls!

lance said...

Yeah, I wish I could have taken a picture. I said, "those guys are rockers," and Jamey said, "that's the life."

I told Shannon about it, and she said, "that's one of those things that sounds trashy, but really it looks like fun, and you'd want to do it."

It put a good smile on my face.