Last night, somewhat spontaneously, Pavel and I decided to wait outside Target to buy an XBox 360. It was a cold night. With the low temperature at 27 degrees at 5:00 a.m. I really don't have the money to spend on an XBox or the time to play it even. I just thought that it would be a fun way to capture an audioblog, and make some cash.

There were only 16 systems, and I was sixth in line. The first eight were the premium systems ($400) with hard drives and a bunch of extras, and the last eight were the core systems ($300). I ended up trading spots with a guy who really wanted a premium system. He gave $150!

Now, I'm listing my first item on eBay, we'll see how it goes.

Dustin waiting for an XBox.Oh, and here's that interview with Dustin, who was waiting outside of Best Buy since Sunday. Dustin is a physicist and computer programmer who wants to program video game physics.

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lance said...

Just for the record, it sounds like Best Buy was much nicer to their XBox customers than Target was. Not only did they not bring us coffee, like Best Buy did for Dustin, they made us take down our tent until they closed. They said it wasn't "brand" according to corporate. Gosh, it's not like we were a bunch of bums, we were about to spend over $6,000 in the store.

end rant.

Prizrak said...

Please, feel free to check out my eBay auction for the Premium system and 2 games too:

Best Buy has a lot more experience in dealing with such things. Their Black Friday events have been getting better organized every year. For the past few years, they've been giving out hot coffee and vouchers for the hottest items.

Blankenshipi said...

i heard there was a bunch of tents outside best buy and the person who told me thought it might be a homeless protest

** said...

hey lance! happy thanksgiving to you to!

ive been kind of out of the blog-stratosphere for about a week now. part of it was due to my sudden addiction to an online game/community called OZ. but now, that subsidded.

i hope all you guys up in missoula are blessed, and having a good week/day. much love brother.


Dustin York said...

Well after the hours of cold my plan was to SELL the XBOX 360 at a handy profit. I was about to but the buyer pulled out. So here I am still wondering if I am going to sell it.

How did your profitering go, Lance?

If you did keep it you should download the xbox live arcade game Geometry Wars, it kicks tooshie.

Have a good one.

Prizrak said...

Hey Dustin,

This is Pavel, the guy who was with Lance that night. We both got very lucky with eBaying our 360's. We shipped them to our respective buyers this morning. I ended up with $375 of pure profit, after all the eBay/Paypal rap.. I mean fees and doing something nice but stupid. My buyer was very cautious, and I had to provide her with more pics, etc before she payed up. So, what exactly happened with your buyer? Was it one with no feedback? Sometimes, competing sellers make fake eBay account, place high bids on your item and then cancel the account. I've had that happen before.

It was hard to let go of the 360 though. It's a pretty slick piece of hardware. Project Gotham 3 is sick, even on a regular TV. Plus, the whole network media hub functionality appeals to me. A lot of people have been having issues with that humoungous power brick overheating and stuff. My friend's unit works flawlessly, though it does get about as hot and loud as my gaming PC. I'm guessing the next hardware revision is going to address a lot of these issues. Buying the initial revision of any hardware is always a gamble.

I heard that stores are going to get more units in tomorrow (11/29). My friend who already got the 360 is going to camp out at Target, just to keep company with another friend who's getting one. I'm thinking about giving the first friend $400, to get a Premium system for me, since he'll be camping out there any way and he owes me a few favors.

So, did you relist yours on eBay or what?

Prizrak said...

BTW, Geometry Wars does look like fun. I love these classic game clones with colorful, flashy graphics. Tempest 2000 on the Atari Jaguar rocked. Check out Tsunami 2010, a freeware download for PC. It's a Tempest 2000 clone that's really fun. Lots of flashy vector graphics and pumping techno music.

dustin_york said...

Howdy Prizrak,

Naw prizrak, I didn't sell it. After the buyer backed out and eveything, I decided to open it. Considering how much time I spent camping out, and since I was going to split any profits with my roomate, who also got one. I was only going to make like $200 bucks and I figured the 33 or so hours was too much work for $200.

Buy they way any of you do get it going with a xbox live membership you should add me to your friend list. That way I can frag ya on Call of Duddie 2 or check out your score on Geometry Wars. My live tags are "XI D15C1PL3 IX" and "flyingbutmunch".

I have checked out most of the games and right now may favorite is Geometry Wars. Though Condemed is pretty sweet also.