Like lafalda was saying over there at el blogo, it snowed today. There was about a couple of inches on the truck in the morning, but the real excitement started around 6:00 a.m. when I arrived at Walmart to meet J.J. and Beau. It began to come down hard and it didn't stop for about four hours.

Oh, in case you were wondering, J.J., Beau and I get together Wednesday mornings at the coffee shop in Walmart just to talk about God and make sure life is going well for each other. You could call it an accountability group if you want, but I tend to steer away from "Christianese." Perhaps I’ll do a post on that later. Anyway, this morning it was kind of interesting because when I walked in there was Russian Dance/Pop music playing. Cool, but then she shut it off. Here are some snippets from the conversation:

Me: Can I get a glass of water please?
B: Sure.
Me: Is that Russian music you were playing?
Barista: Yeah, but I turned it off. I’m leaving.
M: Oh that’s cool. It doesn’t bother me.
B: How did you know it was Russian music?
M: They were singing Russian words.

Here’s a side-note: I have a habit of doing this, and it is kind of annoying to my wife and maybe others. For fun, I just respond with the obvious answer to a question, and not what was implicitly asked. Obviously, what she meant was how I knew the language was Russian.

Anther fun one is when you are bundled up on a relatively warm day and someone asks, "Are you cold?" You can say, "No. Why would I be with this hat and everything?" Well, back to the story.

B: Well, how did you know they were Russian?
M: I’m studying Russian at the U.
B: Oh, what year are you on?
M: My second.
B: Is Prednewa your teacher?
M: I had Ona Renner-Fahey last year, and I this year I have her.
B: You must be pretty good at Russian.
M: Well, it’s hard. I think that I’ve learned a lot, but then I hear a native conversation, and it’s hard to pick much out.
B: How do you practice.
M: I have some friends who speak Russian, and I work with a guy from the Ukraine.
B: Doesn't he speak Ukrainian?
M: Well, he speaks some, but his native language is Russian.
B: Do you know so-and-so?
M: No.
B: Are there any Georgians in your class?
M: Yeah. Gregory.
B: Oh, I hang out with him. Funny.
Я: А как вас завут?
Б: Лила. Как вас завут?
Я: Ланс.
Б: Что?
Я: Ланс.
Б: Очень Приятно.
Я: Очень Приятно. Спасибо за воду.
Б: Пожалуйсто.

It’s funny, I seem to meet Russians/Russian speakers all over town.

Also related to Russian, my teacher announced in class that we will be playing Russian Scrabble in class for bonus points on the final. I am ready for it.

In other news, I have more to write about, but I’ll wait until I have a couple pictures.


Prizrak said...

The name is Лиля, which is short for "Лилия". :) I met her and her sister Анджела just once, but Артур used to hang out with them all the time. They actually live on Mullan Rd, pretty close to you Lance. You should've asked her if she knew Artur.