This has been the week of openings. On Tuesday, Bailey's Market opened right across the street from my house. I've been waiting for this for a while now. They have a little coffee shop and convenience store. They also sell baked goods from Bernice's and Chocolat. I can even connect to my home wireless network. So I dragged myself out of bed extra early Tuesday morning and showed up at 7:00 when they opened. I can proudly say that I was the first customer.

Yesterday, Krispy Kreme opened in Missoula which so far is their smallest venue. I'm not sure what it is, but Missoulians love Krispy Kreme. Groups would drive four hours to Spokane to get them and sell them for fundraisers. They are in the parking lot of Lowe's on Reserve.

I went this morning to get a dozen doughnuts for the office. They look like they are set up for a big rush. There are orange cones set up to direct traffic through the drive through and even a couple of guys in orange to stand around and talk to each other. Here's my conversation with the drive through worker:

DTW: Welcome to Krispy Kreme, how many dozen can I get you?

Me: I'd like a dozen of the original doughnuts please.

DTW: Anything else?

Me: I'll have a cup of coffee too, please.

Now, I just looked at the menu, and noticed that they have four different coffee blends to choose from: Smooth, Rich, Bold, and Decaf if I remember right.

Me: I'll have the smooth blend, please.

DTW: You want the fruit?

Me: No, the coffe that is smooth.

DTW: You want our frozen fruit?


DTW: Okay. (then thinking the headset was off) Did you hear that guy say he wanted the coffee that was rude? What the he77 is that supposed to mean?

So I just chuckled to myself, drove up, got my doughnuts and coffee, and drove off. Then I noticed that the coffee was the rich blend. I thought to myself, at least they were probably to busy to spit in it.


** said...

hey lance! im stil trying to figure out exactly where the coofee-frozen fruit tie was. wow.

im so glad you liked the new pictures. im now working on a large scale painting with the tigerlilly character in it. im doing it on a large wooden sheet. it has her surronded by massive city buidlings at night. maybe eve some graffiti on the buildings. but all you see is her shoulders and her head. interesting.

thank you for the encouragement. i guess sometimes i wonder why people stay in these jobs, and don't reach higher, but i am reminded of God's plan, so I cannot harp too long. God is sovereign, and for some reason i dont know or may not even understand, maybe this is theyre time to mature and grow till the next phase in they're life.

much love brother. btw, if i ddnt already say it. im happy for the phone call from you guys while i was in NY.

lafalda said...

hey lancelot!
great pic of kk. was that yours or downloaded? i enjoyed the story too, not as much as the one of kevin and dan. you'll have to tell that one, "...yeah, we could finish off the other four of our dozen (each), but we think they are gonna sound mighty tasty in a couple of hours..." p.s. your links and stuff aren't showing up on your that just me?

zeliphias said...

ohhh i want a doughnut, im just stopping by and saying hi
thanks "L"

lance said...

Thanks for stopping by guys. Yeah, lafalda, that I took that one with the camera phone. Dan and Kevin are hilarious.

lance said...

Oh yeah, and about the links, they are showing up for me. I think maybe on some browsers they are getting pushed to the bottom due to a long line in the google search post.

** said...

hey lance. you liked the cash=cash tie in yeah? haha. actually, my dads name is Johnny Cash (his full name is John David Cash... the third or fourth. it's a family name. i was the child who got left out.). serious.

about your links. in virginia, at my friends house i was having the same problem with my own site on they're computer. everything on the right side was getting pushed to the bottom. not sure why.

much love brother.