Marshall played at Liquid Planet tonight. If you haven't heard him, you should check out his music on myspace. He is really good. The music is a nice blend of folk and alternative with some great finger picking. His lyrics are excellent. Anyone who incorporates quotes from C.S. Lewis can't be all bad. Marshall is releasing his new CD this July, and then going on tour in late summer.

After Marshall played, Rocky and I met Rachael at the Union Club to see Travis play drums with Tom Catmull. Their music was really fun. It reminded me of the Refreshments. It was my first time at the Union Club which turned out to be a really cool hangout. My favorite moment was when the band was playing a song that might be called "Cool Water," Travis was standing up and rocking the drums, and right in front of our table a couple (that looked like father and daughter) were really cutting a rug jitterbugging.

Tomorrow, I'm heading to the farmers' market with J.J., and then we're going on a day hike somewhere.


Travis the Great said...

That was a really fun night!