Back in November, when Scott's car was pushed off of a mountain, I lost my keys with it, and on my key ring was my only motorcycle key. Well, the weather has been getting nicer and I really would like to start riding it, plus it gets much better gas milage than the truck.

To get it working again I needed to get a new key made. First step was getting a blank key from the Kawasaki dealer. Man, they have some nice new motorcycles in there. Next, I had to remove the ignition and take it and the blank key to the locksmith. Then they just cut me a new one. So amazing.

I put it back in the bike, jumped it, and took it out for a test ride. I like riding motorcycles. Yeah. The starter is going bad though, so I'll have to take it in and get it checked out. There's a bunch of little things that need to get fixed with the bike, but once the starter is fixed I can ride it on a regular basis once again.


lafalda said...

never knew an ignition could look angelic. [enter high-pitched choral voices here].