I just finished a Tipu's chai and checking on my myspace account. It's strange but good to get messages from old friends there. It really makes you feel nostalgic, even more so than looking at old pictures. Myspace is basically full of living, breathing photos of your past. When you look at old high school photos, sometimes you imagine several roads that old friends could have gone down, and you wonder which they took, but in this day you can see.

Right now I'm sitting in Liquid Planet waiting to listen to David Boone play, typing on their computer, which has a monitor that has a heavy blue tint. There is another guy playing guitar right now. It's some type of blues. I'm wondering if I should move my coat to the booth here by the computer, or leave it up there so I can get my seat back in the front. I think I can leave it for now, since there aren't many people in the back of Liquid Planet. Most are up front for First Friday or World AIDS day or something.

I have one more project to do for school - write a Russian poem. It is hard, and that's what I plan on doing tomorrow. Tonight I will watch David Boone, then go home and watch Battlestar Galactica with Shannon. It's the best show on television. Ask Rolling Stone. Sunday, after my poem is written, I will go snowboarding. I love snowboarding. I'm even thinking about taking a snowboarding class at the U next semester instead of 20th Century Russian Literature. We'll see what happens there, but I'll let you go for now.


Anonymous said...

snowboarding instead of russian lit.
how is that even a question?
of course!!!

lafalda said...

hey i resent that!