Last year I camped out for an XBOX 360.

This year I camped out for a Playstation 3. Partly for the profit of selling it on ebay, partly to be part of the craze.

There were quite a few more people interested in getting a PS3, and quite a few less PS3s than XBOXes last year. That meant I had to get there two nights in advance. This photo is from Wednesday night. Target sold their six PS3s Friday morning. So all day Thursday, we got questions, looks, and sneers. Don't these guys have anything better to do than wait outside for a video game? I asked one guy we were chatting with if he was a gamer, and he said, "no, I get my kicks in the real world." Well, good for him.

As it turns out, though, I didn't have to wait out the second night. Some hard-core (i.e. crazy) gamer bought my spot in line for $700 and two Cat-Griz tickets. My friend Scott sold the tickets at the football game for $60. That is not a bad profit for 24 hours of city camping. Actually, it is really good. And that is real world cash, Mr. I-Get-My-Kicks-in-the-Real-World. So there.


Prizrak said...

Well, crap. Looks like you made way more money than me again, Lance, even though I had to camp 10 hours longer. You're one lucky son-of-a-gun! Mine just sold for $1200 on eBay, giving me about $460 profit, but the guy hasn't even paid yet, so I dunno...
Man, I wish those idiots woke me up when that girl from Hamilton was offering $2000 cash. :( Artur's auction will be ending in 20 mins. Hopefully he'll make something to cover the price of an XBox 360.