Just over a year ago, ed made a tragic discovery that the classic Dilly Bar no longer had a dimple (or a belly button, or a drop, or what ever you're supposed to call it).

Today I bring you a joyous dicovery: they're back! But, can you believe that the good ol' Dilly Bar is up to $1 now-a-days? Jason tells me that the drop on top means that they are hand-made. His mother-in-law used to run a Dairy Queen. He said the trick was getting the right weight of ice cream. If it was too much then, well, that was okay, but if it was too little then you had to figure out how to add some.

In my opinion there are no Dilly Bars but the hand made ones. The others are just some kind of ice cream on a stick.

In other interesting ice cream news. P tells me that when he was a kid, back in Ukraine, ice cream wasn't so easy to get. It was only availabe every now and then, and when it was the special ice cream kiosks would open up and sell one of three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, or coffee. It's funny how things change. Today, I can walk across the street from my house and get hand-made ice cream delivered from Big Dipper.

I guess all this is proof that sometimes things do change for the better.
Today's high was 74, the temperatures seem to be dropping. From the 15th to the 18th we had a little streak of all-time highs. This is the longest streak of all-time highs in the month of May for Missoula. Guess what happens when we have really hot weather in the spring here? Floods. That's right all the snow pack melts, and the rivers run really high.

As I promised, J.J. and I went to the farmers' market, and then went hiking. Kim the empanada lady was at the Clark Fork River Market selling empanadas. So I got three. Two for me and one for Rocky, who was stuck at work. Just before that I got a few cucumbers from a Russian lady selling them at the old school farmers' market. Then it rained. Then we went to Liquid Planet. Then we saw Rachael, then we saw Rocky, and then we saw Peter and Megan, but they didn't see us.

We decided to go to Blodgett canyon over Cold Lakes in the Missions. It was a great day. We hiked about eleven miles. Oh yeah, and I looked for my keys at the crash site, but didn't find them.
Marshall played at Liquid Planet tonight. If you haven't heard him, you should check out his music on myspace. He is really good. The music is a nice blend of folk and alternative with some great finger picking. His lyrics are excellent. Anyone who incorporates quotes from C.S. Lewis can't be all bad. Marshall is releasing his new CD this July, and then going on tour in late summer.

After Marshall played, Rocky and I met Rachael at the Union Club to see Travis play drums with Tom Catmull. Their music was really fun. It reminded me of the Refreshments. It was my first time at the Union Club which turned out to be a really cool hangout. My favorite moment was when the band was playing a song that might be called "Cool Water," Travis was standing up and rocking the drums, and right in front of our table a couple (that looked like father and daughter) were really cutting a rug jitterbugging.

Tomorrow, I'm heading to the farmers' market with J.J., and then we're going on a day hike somewhere.
Last night was fun. Every Tuesday Sean Kelly's has trivia night - and it rocks. Trivia doesn't start until 8:00, but if you want a table you need to get there early. Zach, Rocky, and I got there just before seven and barely got a table in the basement.

Here are some of the trivia questions:

  1. Which of the 48 contiguous states has the most shoreline?

  2. What two-word musical term is used to describe the birds singing in the morning?

  3. What band sings "How Bizarre?"

  4. In Greek mythology, who gazed into a pool of water, fell in love with his own image and wasted away?

And here are the trivia answers:

  1. Michigan

  2. Dawn Chorus

  3. OMC

  4. Narcissus

We didn't come in last, but we were quite a bit away from first with a final score of 55. There were eight rounds of ten questions worth one point each except for the final round where the questions were worth double the points. The same team that always wins won. I think they are called Second Thought. Our team was named the Rockettes, but the best team name was Suck It Trebek.
Back in November, when Scott's car was pushed off of a mountain, I lost my keys with it, and on my key ring was my only motorcycle key. Well, the weather has been getting nicer and I really would like to start riding it, plus it gets much better gas milage than the truck.

To get it working again I needed to get a new key made. First step was getting a blank key from the Kawasaki dealer. Man, they have some nice new motorcycles in there. Next, I had to remove the ignition and take it and the blank key to the locksmith. Then they just cut me a new one. So amazing.

I put it back in the bike, jumped it, and took it out for a test ride. I like riding motorcycles. Yeah. The starter is going bad though, so I'll have to take it in and get it checked out. There's a bunch of little things that need to get fixed with the bike, but once the starter is fixed I can ride it on a regular basis once again.


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Russian 202 Class PhotoWell, for all of you waiting on pins and needles: I got the paper in!

After a grueling homework session at the guys house including some great coffee, several cokes, and nabbing Zach's bed for a quick rest my paper is complete. It's not my best work, but it will do for a grade. On my way to drop it off, I ran into a couple other students who, like me, waited until the last minute to write it. I don't know what it is, but it always seems that for one reason or the other I'm finishing big school projects right before the deadline. I intended to finish this paper earlier, but I got a nasty cold over the weekend and spent most of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday sleeping. But that's all behind me now, so let's forget it.

Today I took my one and only final. It was scheduled for a week from tomorrow, but our class managed to talk the teacher into giving it today. A couple students were still allowed to take it on the scheduled date, but for most of us it was nice to get it out of the way. So now I am officially enjoying summer.

Next on the todo list: get the motorcycle working.


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It's 4:28. I'm printing. The paper is due by five. Will I make it? Stay tuned, and find out.
It's four in the morning, I'm at the guys house writing my paper. Wildebeests are on Animal Planet. Zach is sleeping on one couch, Kathleen is on the other. Rocky just finished his paper and went to bed. He'll wake me in the morning if he gets up in time to get biskets from Wheat Montana. I'm glad I took tomorrow off of work since I have at least five more pages to write.

I'm going to sleep. Goodnight.