A couple of years ago, I saw David Boone for the first time. I was impressed then, and I still am every time I see him play. Watching him play live is really where it's at. He is one of those artists who can connect with the audience well.

Now he is doing something cool. He's giving away many of his songs. Free for download. He's also encouraging people who own his CDs to rip them for friends. This is especially cool in today's climate of overprotected intellectual property. Do a search on the RIAA if you don't know what I mean.

I think this could help him immensely. One of the hardest and most important things for a new musician to do is to grow a fan base. Just because your music is good doesn't mean that people will find it.

Here's your chance. Every day this week, starting today, you can download five songs for free. He also has a video on YouTube.If you like it and want more, find me and I'll burn you a CD or we can catch a show together. You won't be disappointed.


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