Yes Rocky, I think this photo is blog-worthy.

Every Wednesday during the summer, there are free concerts in Bonner Park at 8 p.m. Bonner park is in Missoula, not Bonner, although I think the people in the park out-numbered the small town of population 200.

Jamey, lafalda, P, and I arrived between 5:30 and 6:30 to play some Russian Scrabble before the concert. While we were sitting there, a woman who obviously loves Missoula as much as I do, asked us if we knew who was playing tonight and when it started. She said she was looking at a poster for a little while before she figured out it was from last year. I told her it started at eight, but none of knew who was playing. She said with the work situation in Missoula her family's always broke so they gotta take advantage of the free shows in town.

Russian Scrabble ran into and through the concert, and I think P was pretty tired because he came in last and I ended up winning thanks to the plural of love and prepositional of cathedral (Любви и соборе for those Russian readers). We also grilled up some deer burgers.

Jason and Janice from the office stopped by for a burger too, which was really cool. Jason said, "you have some really nice friends", and I told him, "yeah, I like them too." He also said, "It was nice to see Shannon too, she's really nice," and I told him, "yeah, I think so too." Janice actually played in the concert, so it was a nice to be able to thank her with a deer burger.

It was a beautiful night, with a temperature in the high seventies and a light breeze. As the concert ended, we resorted to leg wrestling, arm wrestling, swinging, spinning, cartwheels, and more. I think every time I start doing cartwheels and round offs, we have a conversation like this:

Someone: Hey do a front-flip!

Me: Have I done one of those before on the grass?

Someone: Yeah, I think so.

Me: Okay.

Then I take off running, start the flip, and land flat on my back. Then I say, "I didn't get quite enough rotation," and remember that this has happened before.


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