Happy Fourth of July! I know it's a little late, but how else am I going to post a picture of fireworks?

Shannon and I met with the expecting J.J. and Anna for dinner at Cracker Barrel. It was nice to have some good 'ol American cooking on Independance Day, even if it did take an hour to get our food. Then, like ed and the others, we watched the mall fireworks. J.J. and Anna were kind of hoping the fireworks would scare the baby out, but they didn't.

As of yesterday, I was proud of myself for not spending a cent on fireworks this year, but then Nate had to go and ask me if I had any sparklers. Nate is a great friend who just flew in from Ohio yesterday. I know him from back in Alabama, where he did all the sound for our band, No Longer Blind. Those were good times, but that's another story.

After he arrived we (Shannon, Nate, and I) happened to drive by the Pink Grizzly and noticed that they were still open and selling fireworks, so I abruptly pulled the truck off the road, and we hopped out. I picked up a brick of sparklers and two bricks of ground bloom flowers. It was a great deal on the GBFs, only $3 for a brick of 72. Scott, we need to get these at our fireworks stand next year.

After coming home and lighting off 18 GBFs with a blow torch, Nate and I played Time Splitter on the XBox until 12:30 when I remembered, like I do late every Tuesday night, that I need to meet J.J. at six a.m. in the morning.

Surprisingly, I don't feel too tired right now, but it may kick in later today. I have a feeling that there will be some more XBox tonight, and maybe a hike to the M. Probably not in that order though.

This is a good week for Nate to come, since we (Chi Alpha) are going to have a Bible study/bonfire on Thursday, and then go rafting down the Blackfoot on Saturday. Also, my parents will be up at the lake with the boat this weekend, so we'll be heading up there after rafting on Thursday. If you didn't already know, "the lake" refers to Flathead Lake, the largest natural, freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Specifically, Blue Bay.

Can you think of anything else that an out-of-towner shouldn't miss during a short stay in Missoula? We have fish tacos on the agenda.


lafalda said...

probably farmers' market should be on the agenda. and out to lunch. and ruby's. hee hee.

** said...

im confused.. haha

you said on my blog, that your readership hinges on what ever i write or draw. wow, i didn't know i had that effect on people. hehe


** said...

sorry lance, i re-read my post, and your comment. hehe.