Well, ed won the game on Justin's blog, but in a shocking twist, just ten minutes ago, there was a winner to a game I posted a couple of months ago.

Congratulations, bigskymoosedrool! And as if the fame and prestige of having your very own write up on lancefisher.blogspot.com isn't enough, I'll send you your very own tangible prize, i.e. something not electronic. Just email me your address, p.o. box, random drop off point, or place to hide a magnet and I'll get it to you!

I think it's safe to announce the location now. Sorry to you second place hopefuls. You'll just have to get in on the next game. Bigskymoosdrool wrote in, "I used to walk up to Freddy's Feed and Read from our
University area house all the time!" Well BSMD, I don't know if you are still in the area, but the ol' Feed and Read has changed hands a few times since then. It was Quarter Moon Books, and now it is Bobcat Books or something like that.

Good work!


lance said...

One more thing BSMD, I have an additional electronic prize if you want it: an invite to gmail. Gmail is really cool in case you didn't know.

lance said...

Wow, I didn't realize that this had generated some interest from the flickr crowd. I'll have to be checking the comments over there a bit more often. I'm not sure why I hadn't seen all these comments before, but I'll get on that group.

ed said...

That's crazy cool, Lance! I was just thinking about that post the other day. The picture still baffles me. Is it the backside of the building, or am I just backwards?

Big Sky Moose Drool said...

Ed...If you're sitting on the front steps of "Freddy's Feed and Read" (or whatever it is now)...that's your view of Mt. Sentinel!


I used to do those zig zags up to the "M" every day. I don't think I could get up the first zig now!

I miss Missoula!

Prizrak said...

I recognized the location that pic was taken at right away after Lance first showed it to me. We were playing Russian Scrable there just a few days before.

** said...


i havnt checked out the other montana audioblogs, so you'll have to forgive me.

it's funny... i got SOO many messages(at least alot for my regular posts), just cause i put up a pic and an audio clip. i love the comment about ed doing a singing blog. haha. she seems to think her doing audio, would be a mess. i guess ill just have to wait for hell to freeze over. i got time.

BSMD said...

I got my real "tangible prize" today in the mail! Thank you for the cool magnet Lance! I'll be sure to keep it off my flat screen monitor!