I started using this photo service called flickr back in May, because I wanted to be able to post pictures straight to my blog from my phone. Since then I bought a pro membership so I can upload 2GB of photos a month. Congratulations Scott, you happen to be my 2000th photo uploaded to flickr. For your prize you get a magnet.

My favorite things to do on flickr are:
  • Tag photos with names and stuff so I can find them later. (see all photos tagged with scott)

  • Post photos to the Somewhere in Missoula group, and have people try and find the location

  • Browse other people's photos like preciousroy's

  • Add photos to the ChiAlphaMontana pool so they show up on the Chi Alpha blog.

  • Read comments that people have left on my photos, and add comments to other people's photos. (If you have a flickr account check out the "Recent activity" and "Comments you've made" links on your home page on flickr.)
There is so much to do there, and it's easy to waste a bunch of time flipping through photos. After using flickr for four months, I can say it's the best photo sharing software made, and it has a great community. Check out my flickr contacts, they cool people and cool photographers.


lance said...

Hey, after receiving three comment spams within a half hour, I decided to add word verification to this blog so only real people or super-smart robots can post comments to it. I hope it isn't so much of a burden for you guys that you quit leaving comments. Let me know.

Blankenshipi said...

ah ha! i like flickr, too. i only started using it recently, but i was a Buzznet whore before that. Had to quit....too much time online, not enough time in the real world. Speaking of that....

Blankenshipi said...

oh and thanks for the link-plug :D
(the verification thing is no hassle; this one was "crpndeer" ???)

lance said...

Hey I was wondering who you were, blankenshipi (a.k.a. precious roy). I just got around to following the links. Thanks for stopping by! I'll put up a link to your blog.