Shannon and I worked on the house this weekend. I got all the flooring in the living room, and most of the flooring in the library installed. Then, on Monday, my parents came over with the air compressor, nail gun, and Betsy. My dad and I had the molding up in a flash, and we got to meet my mom's new puppy, Betsy.

I still have the hallway to do, but I ran out of underlay mat. I hope we have enough floor left too. It looks like it will be close. I'll have to see if I can find more.


Tot said...

wow lance! that looks SOOOO great!!!!!!!!!! I hope to see it first hand sometime :)

lafalda said...

me too! but that's a little more feasible than tot. good name for an album or band. the feasible tot. hee hee.

** said...

good for you man. getting the home all straightened out.

i needed to get back to you lately. hope you're not praying for my demise(God doesn't honor those kind of prayers does He??? errr)

i finally got around to using the button code you wrote for me. thank you brother.

well, talk to you later.