Here is how to transform your internet browsing. The internet is four times better without the ads. Pages load faster and aren't nearly as annoying.

First, download and install the latest version of Firefox. Click that big green button. Save the file and run it to install Firefox.

Once you have the latest Firefox installed, get the AdBlock extension. Just click "Install Now", it's down the page a little.

Now get the latest list of sites to block. Several files will be listed on this site. Right-click the most recent adblock list (e.g. 2006-03-08a.txt) and select "Save Link As"
Save it to My Documents or anywhere else.

Now, to load this list into Firefox just follow these steps:
In Firefox, on the menu, select Tools|Extensions
Click Adblock, then click the Options button
Click Adblock Options, then Import Filters
Select the file you just downloaded and saved, and click Open
Click the Append button
Click Done

Enjoy ad-free browsing! If you do by chance run across an add, you can block it by right-clicking it and selecting "Block Images from ..."


Prizrak said...

Alternatively, you can be like me and instead of Firefox get Opera 9 PR2 (or the soon to be released final version). It has a rather nice ad blocker built in. You can download that same list of addresses to block and copy and paste it into Opera's urlfilter.ini file.

Use Firefox, Opera, Safari or Konqeror; just make sure not to use Internet Explorer, that is if you like privacy, care about your PC's health and cherish your sanity.

Beth said...

I love Firefox. It helps me preserve my sanity. IE, on the other hand, is evil.