What is the world coming to when people break their word to Batman?

After the homecoming parade, Brad, Tyler and I went to find the Batmobile. We had heard that you could get you picture taken with the batmobile during the football game. What's that have to do with homecoming you say? Well, Batman brought Monte to the game in the batmobile - that's what.

We found the Batmobile, and not entirely unexpectedly Batman and Robin too. Brad paid $15 to sit in the batmobile and have his picture taken plus an extra $5 so I could take all the pictures I wanted of him in it.

After taking this photo, Batman handed me a flyer and asked if I could send him the picture. I told him "sure."

Later I emailed him a link to my Flickr photos of the batmobile, and to my surprise Batman emailed me back the next day with this:

Hey Lance,
Thanks alot for sending a link to the photos. I ask people all the time (for 20 years now) to send me pics they take of us and they never do!

Your the second person to ever send me pictures and I really appreaciate it!

Are they big enough on the link for me to print or have prints made? If not can you send me a cd with the full size images ? I'll pay for shipping etc.

Anyway your way cool for keeping your word!
Here is a pic for you of us.

Thanks again!!!!


Can you believe that! Only the second ever to send him photos?!

Well, in writing this I just remembered that I myself also lied to Batman, I'm ashamed to say. You see, I was taking photos of the car and he asked me not to take any more because they were charging for photos. I said, "Okay sorry," and put my camera away. Then after Brad decided to pay $15 to sit in the car and have his photo taken, I asked if I could take photos of my friend in the car. Batman said, "tell you what, for an extra $5 you can take all the photos you like." Then without thinking I just told him that I didn't have any cash, which was a flat out lie. I had $20 in my pocket, I just couldn't justify spending $5 to take some photos. Brad ended up paying the $5.

So I guess that is the state of things. We're all lousy sinners, but I'm sorry Batman.


lafalda said...

that's the greatest post i've read in ages!