Yesterday, I picked up Tyler after work, and we decided to grab something to eat before heading over to the Chi Alpha guys' house to paper mache the homecoming float.

We were going to go to Hoagieville (always a great choice), but we decided to try out one of Missoula's newer restaurants, El Diablo. Now, I've been skeptical of this place, because it's named "The Devil" and it seems like a rip-off of Taco del Sol - the best restaurant in the world, but I decided to try it anyway since I like to know my town.

Before we got there, I told Tyler that El Diablo meant The Devil in Spanish. He said it sounded spicy, and I replied that it sounded evil. Then he asked, "I wonder if it's good?" And I said, "Can it be good if it's evil?"

Their prices were comparable to Taco del Sol, $5.75 for a burrito or three tacos. You can also buy a single taco for $2.25. Taco del Sol charges $2 for a fish taco. I didn't try to order "The Lance" as it has become known (a fish taco in a burrito shell). You have to get to know a place, before you start asking for special things like that.

I was very happy with the food. I got a fish taco, a carne asada taco, and a pulled pork taco. All of them were excellent. Their lime and cilantro sauce is very tasty; however, I would not recommend it on the pulled pork. It doesn't go that well. The fish is grilled instead of battered and baked like Taco del Sol, and it was mahi mahi instead of cod. They are open until 9:00, but closed on Sunday.

It did end up being a little too spicy for Tyler, but that's the way I like - a little too spicy for Tyler.

I think I'll go back, but don't, for a minute, think that means I'm giving up Taco del Sol.


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