The last couple of days I've stopped by Edge of the World (the local skate shop) and practiced on their ramp. It's nice because it doesn't seem like many people use it. It was empty yesterday, and the day before just one other guy was skating there.

I've been making some progress at skating. I still can't ollie while moving, but I can do it if I put the wheels in an expansion crack in a sidewalk. I can now do 180 kickturns on the ramp (sometimes) and I've learned to pump so I can gain elevation up the ramp sides. I still can't "drop in," but I have tried. Last time I was at SHEC I did, and I banged me knee twice in a row. So I've instituted a new policy: whenever I try to drop in, I'll wear knee pads. Perhaps, I should wear some elbow pads too, because my right one is a little sore.

Anyway, here's a video. Rocky said that I should add some music to it, so I did. It's Plankeye, and they rock. Enjoy.


Ted said...

Rad bro!