Me: Hi, can I get a fish taco in a burrito shell please?

Shell Steamer/Fish Layer: Hi, Sure. You know it's not healthy to eat here so many days in a row.

Me: Yeah, but it's the best $2 lunch around.

SS/FL: Yeah, I know. I do it too.

Me: I just don't know what else to get.

Cabbage Man: Do you want anything spicy on this Fish Tacoritto?

Me (small chuckle): I'll have hot sauce please.

Cashier: Is that a half taco?

Cabbage Man: It's a fish taco.

Cashier: Oh, it's a little taco. I should have known by now. $1.95. Are you going to stick around?

Me: No.

Cashier: Okay, well, bye.

Me: See ya later.


ed said...

Can you actually order a fish taco in a burrito shell?? That's genius! I never order the tacos because they always fall out of their tiny shells...and still $1.95? Wow.

lance said...

You can - totally! I think it's the best idea I ever had. The taco was always so sloppy, but it tastes so good! Once they charged me $.10 extra for the burrito shell, but every other time they just charge the same.

** said...

fish, ugh.

lance said...

That's what I always though, but then I had some fish tacos down in Mexico, and loved them. You can ask anyone who has had one from Taco del Sol, and I'll think they'll agree that it is some of the best food in Missoula. Especially for $2.

I'd send you one, but I don't think that taco would make a good impression.

** said...

2 dollars, is a sweet price. but the idea of a fish taco still doesn't fill an inner void in my soul. come to think, i like a good flounder. hey maybe a flounder taco supreme! hehe you can send oe if you like. just make sure to poke holes in the box so it can breathe, hehe.


** said...

lance, thank you brother for not only your prayers, but your advice. thank you. much love, justin

** said...
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ed said...

Hey Lance--Guess what LaFalda and I just had??? THE LANCE SPECIAL! Pretty tasty--and what a deal(!)--even more so, now that they have raised the prices on everything else. A little word to the wise, though. I would not recommend layering The Lance with a chocolate milk, a Coke, a shake from DQ and 90 degree weather. Ug.

lance said...

Oi, that sounds like a recipe for disaster, but... Nice!

Did you have any trouble with ordering? Sometimes they don't always know what's up. I ordered it today, and one of the workers said, "I know what I'm going to have for lunch now."

Nice to know I'm changing the world for good. :)

I didn't even know they raised the prices. I don't look at the menu anymore.

ed said...

I had no trouble, but that's because I made Lafalda order first. I think you are definitely changing the world for good. The other day I was in there and some older gentleman ordered The Lance. They give him a small bit of guff, but hey...He's not Lance!!