Happy 31st to my wonderful wife!

Я люблю мою жену.


Karen said...

Happy birthday Shannon Elisabeth! I love you bunches! Shannon was born at 6:52 am on Feb. 13, 1974. Her nickname was "Poop-deck", "Poo-poo" (her paw paw called her that), "The deck". She was bruised all over, and that dimple above one of her eyebrows is a forceps mark. She weighed 8 lbs, 6 oz and was 21 in. long. She had her own language - "I'n teepy-dog" for "I want to brush my teeth", "gockwee" was "cookie", "Sakee-dot" was "chocolate milk", "cere-dere" was "cereal". She would sit on my stomach in the morning, grab my cheeks and yell in my face (as I was completely asleep) "LISSEN, LISSEN! I wan' some CERE-DERE!" One time I didn't get up in time and she came back to my bed with catfood in her teeth! She was and still is a beauty! I'm incredibly proud of her. I'm proud of the strong Christians you both are.