Well, this is who I was supposed to be, people magazine's sexist man alive. Hollywood just cracks me up sometimes. Since we were dressing up as characters, I decided a haircut was finally in order. So I took my wife's people magazine to Great Clips, and told the hairdress to give me "The Jude Law." She asked if I wanted my hair dyed too, but I didn't think that would be necessary.

This was the first Oscar party I have been to, and I have to say it was fun. I didn't expect to like the show very much, but I really like spending time with friends. Getting to see everyone dressed up was worth it, and the awards weren't too bad. I'll admit it was more exciting than the superbowl. Oh, and I got to try Cory's mead, which was great!

I can't wait to get the photos of Katie. She was the perfect Phantom of the Opera.

And here is a photo of me posing like Jude in the November 29th, 2004 People Magazine. I wish I had the magazine with me for the Oscar night, I could have posed much better. Oh well, enjoy.


lance said...

Ed, you are a great host. You get the award for looking the most like Audrey Hepburn. Thanks for the hip party.

ed said...

Thanks, Lance. Of all the things the Oscar parties have been called, I can guarantee you that "hip" has never been one of them! Thanks for the compliment! You are always a welcome guest around here--Next time, we're hoping to see Shannon dress up!!!