Often it is the little things in a relationship that add up to give you the feeling that you are really loved. Husbands and wives know this, as do boyfriends and girlfriends. I know that I can't neglet my wife, and then do something big to try and make it up. Conversely it is all the little things that she does that makes me feel loved. Things like patiently sitting through the movies that I pick out. (I usually really like them, but she rarely does. Well, I guess she liked El Mariachi alright.) Or like how she always says good-bye to me in the morning with a kiss. It all adds up.

I think it is the same way sometimes with God. Now he has done the biggest thing: dying for my sins, and restoring our relationship. Even though that would be more than enough for me to feel loved, he doens't stop with that. Sometimes I just have to stop and admire a beautiful day, or the birds, or the river on my walk back to work from school.

The thing that got me thinking about this was a little thing that happened to me today. I had to come into work today to make up a few hours, and since the courthouse isn't open on Saturdays, my office was locked. Well, I opened the door with my key, left it locked, and sat down at my computer. A few minutes later, I went out the back door into the break room to make a couple of burritos. Then I realized that I left my keys on my desk. Crap! I was locked out. This is so annoying, I'd have to try and find someone to let me back in, and if I couldn't I wouldn't be able to get any work done or even drive home.

I walked around to the front of the office as I was calculating all the senarios, and opened the front door to the office. It was locked, but somehow it didn't shut all the way. Nice. Thanks God! It's the little things.