Sure you could buy a Russian Scrabble board off of ebay if you're patient, and want to drop thirty bucks on a cardboard game. A much better option is to build one yourself out of wood, and have Jamey paint it with her mad skills.

I found out which letters we would need here. Then I cut them from a strip of oak, sanded them, and gave them to Jamey to paint. Then, I just put together a board mostly from some left over lumber, and gave that to Jamey to paint too. A couple of days later, we were playing.

We tested out this beautiful board last Wednesday in a no-points game, and it worked great. Of the seven people who where interested in playing, Jess, Jamey, and I were the only ones to show up. We each laid down a word almost every turn. Of course, we were playing with racks of nine letters to make it a little easier, but still.


Tim said...

That's just about the coolest thing I've seen all year. And I see a lot of cool stuff.

lance said...

Thanks Tim. I bet you're cool too!