Hey so someone (La Falda) asked me the other day, "How do you put those cool links to other sites in the comments?" Well here's how:

You know when you click "post a comment" it says up above "You can use some HTML tags, such as <b>, <i>, <a>?" Well HTML is what most webpages are written in. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language. That's a fancy name for something pretty simple.

Say you wanted to write "That's really neat." in a comment. Notice how "neat" is italicized. Well if you just type "That's really neat," you won't get the italics. You have to type
That's really <i>neat</i>.
That says make the stuff between <i> and </i> italicized. It works the same for making something bold with the <b></b> combo.

So about making that link. You have to use what they1 call the "anchor" tag. I'm not sure why they call it that. Maybe they use the metaphor that your website is some ship floating off in cyberspace, and links are like the anchors keeping it from drifting off into nowhere. Anyway to make a link yow will need to use the less intuitive <a></a> combo.

Suppose you want to say, "You can find La Falda's blog here." Notice that "here" is a hyperlink to her blog. To do this you type the code:
<a href="http://bottleofwhoop.blogspot.com">here</a>
That says make the word "here" a hyperlink, and make it go to the url http://bottleofwhoop.blogspot.com when people click on it.

So where do you get that nifty URL or Uniform Resource Locator as they say (the thing that starts with "http://")? Just look up in the address bar, that's it. I usually don't try typing it, because if you get a letter wrong it won't work. I will copy and paste it. To do that, just hightlight it, press ctrl+c to copy, then press ctrl+v to paste it.

That's it! So go ahead and try putting some links in the comments.

1 The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Here is the definition of the HTML Anchor element.


Dinesh Gajbhiye said...

yeah.. thats a cool feature from Blogspot. There Mobile blogging on the way.. :)
Dinesh (Hera Pheri)

lance said...

Nice link, Dinesh Gajbhiye! Thanks for stopping by.