I just ran into two kids holding a sign on the corner of Broadway and Ryman, right outside of the court house. Most of the cars driving down the road were honking at them. However, these two boys were not up to trouble, they simply were displaying a sign that read, "Honk If You're Happy."

I asked them if I could do an interview with them, and they agreed, but told me that the Independent had already got them, but you know what? I can go to press faster than the Independent.

Well, again, audioblogger was down today, or we could have had a nice, breaking-news audio report. Unfornately, my backup plan of recording a voice-mail and later doing a three-way call with audioblogger.com did not work either. For some reason the voice mail never showed up. So I will do my best to recount from memory how the interview went.

Lance: Hi this is Lance here on the corner of Broadway and Ryman with cars honking in the background, and two boys holding up a sign that reads, "Honk If You're Happy," and I have the privilege of doing an audio interview with them. How are you doing today Erik Burton?

Erik: Good, thanks.

Lance: Now why are you guys out here holding up this sign that looks like it is getting beat up by the weather.

Erik: Well, no reason really, we just wanted to cheer people up, you know with the rain.

Lance: That's great! I see you also have a sign taped to your t-shirt that reads, "Proud To Be Adopted, April." What is that about?

Erik: Well, I was adopted seven days after birth, and I am proud of it. (I think he said more here, but I can't quite remember)

Lance: Cool. So Michael Montoya, how are you doing today?

Michael: Fine, thanks.

Lance: Now, you are out here holding up this sign with your friend. How has the response been? Would you say there have been more cars honking or not honking?

Michael: More honking.

Lance: Great. How long have you been out here?

Michael: About an hour.

Lance: Wow, are you getting a little cold being out in the rain?

Michael: Yeah, a little bit.

Lance: This is pretty crazy, have you guys ever done stuff like this before?

Michael: Well, we played Marco Polo in the mall. That was pretty cool.

Lance: Cool. Well, thank you for your time, do you guys have any final words?

Erik: Have a happy day!

Lance: Well, I guess that's it. #

Erik and Michael, if you are reading, leave us all some comments, and tell us how it all turned out. I hope it went well.


M said...

Fabulous! I think this is great those kids are pushing bounderies with joy. Although it's charming that thier sign actualy says "Honk if your happy."

Tot said...

they are so cute! and awesome, to boot!

KrystyKay said...

I WAS WORKING WHEN THEY PLAYED MARCO POLO... that was also the day some punk kids stole my tips... I hope these weren't one and the same :)