You'd think with all this memory laying around, I'd be able to remember a thing or two. Yesterday, I got a gigabyte of memory in the mail from newegg for the new computer I'm putting together. The day before that, Shannon found my long lost 1GB SD card for my camera, which I am really over-joyed about because now I can take 1,700 pictures again instead of just 27, but for the life of me, I cannot remember to go to my dentist appointments. I missed it today at 10:30 and had to reschedule. When you reschedule an appointment with my dentist you can't usually just make it for the next week or something. They are always booked. So the next available opening was September 13th. This is the third one in a row I've missed. I might as well just give up.

In other news, yesterday I collected some more rocks for my retaining wall project. It takes tons of rocks to do this stuff, literally. My goal is turn my backyard into a Japanese garden, and as they say in books and magazines like The Journal of Japanese
, the stone is the backbone of the garden. I'm really in to it too. I suppose you could call me a gardenerd, because that's what makes a nerd right? Being in to something. It helps when not many other people are in to the same thing, but that's okay, I wear my nerd badge with pride. I have been taking pictures of the retaining wall project in its stages, so when it's done I can do a before and after thing, maybe even a "this is how you build a retaining wall" thing.

I think some people like running over my garbage can lids. I don't know why. Maybe it is becuase I'm a bad neighbor. This is why I'm a bad neighbor:
1. I don't talk to my neighbors much.
2. I haven't planted grass in my backyard yet, and according to the covenents it was supposed to be done about two and a half years ago.
3. The front yard didn't have grass until last year.
4. The convertible horse trailer is a bit of an eyesore.
5. I steal my neighbor's garbage cans.
6. I leave my garbage can lids in the alley when they get blown over.

You are probably wondering about number five there, eh? Well, there was this garbage can sitting in my front yard for over a week last winter. I didn't know whose it was, so I thought if I just left it there someone would come and pick it up. After a week though I got tired of having a garbage can in my front yard so I put it in my garage. Well, not too long ago I discovered that it has some numbers and a street written on it. I keep forgetting to bring it over there, but right now it's predisposed holding a bunch of scrap wood in my garage anyway. After the bonfire, I think I'll do the right thing. I don't know when the bonfire will be.


** said...

lance, hey. thanks for coming by my blog. good to meet you. i do have a suggestion, if you've got all that memory, you could send some over here. i need a bit more.


Tot said...

bring the bonfire here!! we'll take it to the beach!

ed said...

Lance, does your nerd badge look anything like this?

** said...

lance, thanks so much for checking into my portfolio. it's quite diverse, hope there was something in there yoou really liked.


lance said...

ed, hillarious. period.