With a little inspiration from ed here is the freshman basketball team from my freshman year of high school. Shouldn't be too hard to find me. Sorry, but it's the oldest photo I could find. I think the older stuff is at my mom's house, and if I think of it I will see what I can find.

Here is a little story of my high school basketball career. Freshman year was the only year I played. Sophmore year I was just good enough to make the team, but only good enough to sit the bench, unless we were down by twenty points or so and there were only two minutes left in the last quarter. I guess they didn't want to injure me for those times when they needed to score a bunch and there wasn't much time left. It never really worked out like that though.

Coach asked the team to come in to practice over Christmas break if we were going to be in town, but my mom had bought me ski lessons at Marshall. This was no small thing for my family - skiing isn't cheap. So I told him that I would have to miss three practices over the break because of the ski lessons. He said, "You're going to have to choose between basketball and skiing." Well, it wasn't very hard, and I quit basketball then and there.

It all worked out for the best however, because I joined the speech and drama team, and had a great year of performing a humorous duo with "B". I continued with speech and drama the next two years, doing humorous duo with Justin, and I really regret playing basketball my freshman year when I could have been acting, but no use crying over spilt milk.


ed said...

Lance, at least they let you pose by the basketball! I'm glad you pursued that career in speech and drama too. Those teammates of yours look like they have some serious attitudes. Where did you grow up anyway?

El Padrino said...

Lance, you look like a stellar athlete! Sometime soon we'll have to go outside and shoot some hoops, and hope it doesn't kill me!