Despite having a secret virtual bell tower tour to take you on, I have been lacking post worthy content, but since when has that stopped someone from blogging. So in the spirit of continued posts here is the latest stuff I've been up to which may be more interesting to me than it is to you. I tried to tie some things together in my mind to make it more interesting/relevant, but I couldn't quite make any connections. Perhaps you can.

Sunday I ran into Scott at church. He is back from Slovakia! We then went to the China Garden for lunch. They have really good Chinese at an affordable price. While we were there, we had a long conversation about cheese, before Scott showed us pictures on the laptop. Here are some of the highlights I can remember about the cheese conversation.

  • I wonder why you don't see much cheese in Chinese food?
  • Dave is going to have a cheese party sometime.
  • Dave wants to join the cheese club in Missoula.
  • Some people like sharp cheddar, and others don't.
  • Some people like bleu cheese, and others don't.
  • Some people like the skin on brie, and others don't.
  • Kraft singles make the best grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Kraft singles are not really good for anything else.

In my opinion, I think that any real cheese enthusiast likes sharp cheeses over mild cheeses. In case you don't know, sharp cheeses are just aged longer and have a stronger taste. Some cheeses, like brie, have a crust or skin of mold from age. I would think that the cheese lover would like this, but what do you think? Who likes cheese more, someone who likes sharp cheddar, or someone who likes mild cheddar? Can this idea be used as an analogy for something?

Let's not get stuck on cheese here too, but before I move on, I did find out a little bit about that question of cheese in China on some globalization website. Some people are starting to make money by importing cheese into China despite everyone's advise to the contrary. Quoting a quote in the article, "Chinese can't digest cheese and don't like the taste."

Time to move on.

La Falda got back into town yesterday. We had a great lunch at IHOP, and then a great welcome back party. It was too bad that when Walmart made the photo CDs they didn't really care which was up on the photos. J.J. stood on his head to watch a couple of the CDs. Walmart, if you are listening, even though it doesn't matter when making prints, orientation does matter when you are showing the images on a DVD player!

And in more news on the technical difficulty front, La Falda gave me the coolest gift from Eastern Europe. Monty Python and the Holy Grail on DVD, or shall I say, Монти Пайтон и Священный Грааль! It the most super-deluxe version you have ever seen, in widescreen, in English, Hungarian, and Russian, with subtitles in Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, and Turkish, encoded for regions 2 and 5! Wait a minute. Regions 2 and 5, what the heck is that? Well, the motion picture people like to be able to release a movie in the U.S. on DVD sometimes before it is in theatres in Europe, so they came up with this whole region thing. Basically, there are five or seven regions in the world, and DVDs will only play on DVD players with a matching region. The U.S. is not region 2 or 5. So I have a little project. I am going to "fix" the DVD so it will play on any region. This will consist of burning a new DVD without the region code.

Other than all that, I have been cleaning the garage and building a retaining wall in the backyard. The welcome back party last night was great. It was nice just to get together with friends again.


KrystyKay said...

I'm pretty sure this is the best-gosh-darn-cheesiest-post around. I love it! Thank you for your hospitality on my whole blogging beginnings. You are so encouraging! Did you know your blog was the first blog I ever visited ever? Blog-it-up baby!

Margaret Feinberg said...

I had a friend who recently went to China and came back with 80 DVDs that he bought for a $1 each. He has enough movies to last him for a year... I wonder if his collection, which I'd imagine could, just maybe, in a long shot be pirated.... I don't know....
Anyway, I think your Holy Grail movie is a kickin' gift.

** said...

lance, wow. first off, if you like "Holy Grail", rent "The Life of Brian" sometime. interesting.

ALOT of cheese talk. i won't make the "cheesy post" joke, but wow. i just remember when i was a kid and watched Rescue Rangers. for some reason, one thing i remember about that show was the mention of a cheese called Bre 86(as in 1886?). just thought id send that piece of useless info at ya. much love brother, hope your doing well.


Tot said...

kraft cheese slices are good in omelets!

** said...

... and melted over hamburgers